AHHH Kathleen + Tyler! K + T are family friends of my fiancés and it was seriously the BEST evening. It really solidified that this is exactly what I want to do - capture peoples true and authentic love.

We headed out on a beautiful Friday evening to our first stop in Downtown Minneapolis. When we booked our session with each other in March - I got to thinking of all the ways I wanted to capture this couple. I immediately knew I wanted to head downtown on a parking ramp. Cliche? Sure, but I had yet to take a couple to a parking ramp.

We then headed out west! My fiancé & I scouted the whole night before. I was on the HUNT for this church and a field by it... we tried so hard to find it. Lemme tell you - when you search "church that starts with St." you're gonna get A LOT! lol I didn't end up finding it BUT we stumbled upon this gorgeous meadow.

Lastly I was on the hunt for willow trees. Now, I originally had a spot saved but I lost it on the map. LUCKILY Adam was like, "hey there is a willow tree" and boom - the most perfect way to end a session. We played their first dance song and it was the most magical way to end the evening.

Kathleen + Tyler - I can't wait to celebrate you in February and to have captured these memories for you.