What's poppin'!? Welcome to LK Creative Co. I am so happy you're here.

A little bit about this business - I started what was Lexie Kennedy Photography back in 2012 - TWENTY TWELVE - yeah I know, I am mind blown too. I was just a little freshman in high school that picked up a camera and boy have I come a long way! I have since rebranded am go under the name Lk Creative Co!

I am a Marketing Coordinator, Social Media Manager, Graphic Designer, Videographer. Really anything creative I have dabbled in it!

I have the most supportive boyfriend- scratch that now- FIANCE Adam and we reside in downtown Saint Paul, with a rescue pup named Jetson. If you follow me on Instagram, you've totally seen him!

Anyway, enough about me - I want to know about YOU! Let's get you and your dog, or hunny or whoever in front of my camera and have a blast!

-Lexie K