OKAY so quite literally I could not share this story + more pics from this beautiful day. So let's rewind it back. Jasmine is from CA and moved to Minny with Jacob ( her now FIANNCEEE) that word never gets old does it Jas?We met through our booking platform and she second shot for me in the beginning of august. Basically we hit it off and became obsessed with one another. Literally I love her sweet soul and I love the people I get to meet through this. After that wedding I asked her to come 2nd shoot some video for a senior rep photoshoot - in exchange for that I said I would do photos for her - ya know typical photog ish. She was debating between a lil branding shoot and a couple shoot with jacob since they didn't have good pics togetha. We ultimately decided to do a lil couple shoot.

While Adam and I were driving through the middle of the desert Nevada - I get a lil DM - from Jacob. Hey I know we have a shoot and I wanna propose - you down? Am I down - HELL YEAH I WAS. We were geekin in the car. Also I have to say I am 0 - 2 on surprise proposals - stories for another time, but basically I was like fuk okay I am either gonna be three strikes I am out - never doing surprise proposals again or 3rd times the charm. WELL THIS WAS 3RD TIMES THE CHARM - thank gawwdd lolol

After that Jacob and I hatched a plan to do it kinda in the beginning, I was gonna have them go back to back and when she turned around - BOOM- she's a fiance.

K quite literally it was perfect - I am excited for them + I'll shut up now and show you the pics lol